Best Breakfast Nook Ideas

Whether you just want to sit and enjoy your hot cup of coffee or you just want to spend your morning hours with your family over some fluffy pancakes, a breakfast nook is an ideal space for your home. We gathered a few ideas for your breakfast nook that will have you rethinking about your kitchen.

Make use of the corners

Tucking in your breakfast nook maximizes your empty spaces and transforms your kitchen to a cozy and welcoming room. For smaller spaces, go for round tables and built in seats to keep things flowing.

Get creative with the seats

Chairs are so cliché and you can just opt to use a different approach when selecting seats for your breakfast nook. Go for fun alternatives like stools and cubes for a more unique and fun choice. Stools and cubes add an airy and contemporary feel to your room so don’t shy away from them


Selecting the right light fixtures for your breakfast nook can easily transform it from a boring and drab room to an exciting and eye-catching space. You can install a dimmer so you can change the ambiance and mood as you enjoy your meals.

Make it kid-friendly

For parents with younger children, creating a child-friendly is important. You can add soft cushions, a chalkboard and brightly colored items. You can also go for Items that have upholstery that can easily be cleaned due to chalk dust or spillage.

Reasons you need a breakfast nook

  • To reduce crowding in the kitchen
  • Offers more storage space
  • It adds definition to your kitchen