Home Interior Designs_ Modern vs Contemporary

Have you ever found yourself at a cross-road when deciding which type of interior design style to adopt between contemporary and modern interior design? Worry no more as we are going to unveil some differences between the two design styles, and by the end of this, you will be able to choose the line you want to go. Many people confuse contemporary as being in sync with modern interior design styles. However, these two design styles are very different.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary design refers to living or occurring at present. It mainly refers to what is in the present, which illustrates the current design trends while still featuring past designs. Besides, contemporary interior design styles are continually evolving. By looking at contemporary interior design, you will notice curved lines, prominent minimalism, and neutral palettes.

Modern Design

On the other hand, modern interior design styles contain different incarnations. It refers to the reflection of modern art movements in the interiors of a home. It is said to have its roots in Scandinavian and German architecture and design. By closely looking at the modern interior design style, you will notice that the furnishes and d├ęcor focus on the use of neutral materials and earthly colors.

As discussed above, you will notice that there is a difference between these two interior design styles. However, to some extent, when you look at these design styles keenly, you will have similar characteristics. This is where the confusion comes in when it comes to choosing the best design style. Some of these similarities include:

  • Both styles are simple, feature uncluttered spaces with artistic flair, and fine clean lines. This grants a calming and comfortable feeling that is welcoming. You would not wish to leave the room once you are in. It brings in the feeling of relaxation.
  • None of the two interior design styles prefer heavy elements or ornates designs. However, contemporary style can bend this rule since it keeps on changing its trends.

If you are like to stay abreast of the current design and ornament trends, then the contemporary interior design style best suits you. This will ensure that you are kept at par with the current advancements in interior designs. Contemporary style is also suitable for homeowners who find form and ornament more critical than function. However, if you enjoy the aesthetics and design elements common to the years from 1900-1050, then the modern design style best suits you. This group of homeowners prefers functional elements and warm, neutral colors to form and ornament.

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